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Digital Finance Trains

digital finance learning

digital finance Learning is an E-learning Platform that provides a wide range of finance courses which focus on visualization, automation, cloud computing, and data mining in the finance field. The courses teach about various methods and techniques used in the financial services business such as financial modeling and planning, risk management, asset allocation, asset protection, credit risk management, investment management, financial reporting, and business strategy. These courses are also designed to help in the development of financial careers in various industries.


Digital Finance Learning’s online education platform helps students learn the basics and apply the knowledge they have learnt during the course. The platform consists of over 80 modules that include: Financial Modeling, Financial Reporting, and Forex Trading. The modules are categorized according to their teaching styles and functionalities.


Digital Finance Learning also offers E-learning modules that include advanced learning modules like the Master’s in Investment Management, Master’s in Enterprise Risk Management, Masters in Forex Trading, Financial Business Intelligence and Business Strategy. These modules enable the students to acquire information related to investment management, financial risk management, ERM and ERP system implementation, management of customer accounts, international business and other related subjects. The modules cover financial planning, strategic management, investment management, global business, finance consulting, finance management, investment banking, investment management, corporate finance, portfolio management and portfolio planning and consulting. The modules teach students how to design an effective financial management plan, develop investment strategies, choose investment management systems and develop a comprehensive financial management plan.


The Digital Finance Learning E-learning Platform also includes modules like Financial Analytics, Financial Planning and Strategy, General Management and Business Strategy, Risk Management, Business Strategy and Planning, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Business Analysis and Financial Planning. These modules help students understand investment and finance concepts in a simplified manner. All the modules of Digital Finance Learning E-learning Platform are offered for free by the university as part of its E-learning platform.


Apart from these modules there are several tutorials available with the E-learning platform for enhancing the student learning experience. The tutorials are very interactive, have videos and audio tracks, as well as flashcards that provide the students with a quick reference while learning. The tutorials are also designed in such a way so that they can be downloaded from the platform by the students and can be used by them from any internet connected computer. The interactive tutorials also provide the students with the necessary feedback along with the help of tests that are available online.


A lot of online universities offer the financial management courses through their online learning platforms. The university can be accessed via Internet and the educational institution can be contacted via the World Wide Web and the online learning platform can be accessed by the students through the university’s website or e-mail.